Shenzhen Neofibo Fiber Optic Inspection scope

Neofibo Fiber Inspection scope


fiber microscope Inspection scope fiber optic ferrule endface. Available for 1.25mm ferrule and 2.50mm ferrule.

Key Features:

  • Full range for horizontal and vertical adjustment(4.0 x 3.0mm).
  • Multi-axial location.
  • High-manification to observe all kinds of connector endface.
  • High definition and resolution.
  • High accuracy to locate ferrule center.
  • Video signal could input to CRT monitor or computer display.
  • Inpecting MTRJ / MT / MPO / FA ferrules or special ferrules.
  • Specially design for MTRJ and MPO inspection.


Two Magnification Microscope

Two magnification fiber Microscope Inspection scope can be output together with one-time focus and one bench scope, large rate checks the fiber core defects, small rate checks the ceramic edge, it’s the best choice for highest efficiency and standard. Different adaptor can be selected to inspect SC/LC/FC/E2000 connectors or transceivers (SFP/QSFP), MPO/MTP/FA multicore or fiber array end face. Optional adaptor as below for selection.

Key Features:
  • One bench one focus for two use.
  • Second screen for same time view.
  • Manual or auto focus.
High Light:
  • Two lens for two purpose definition.
  • Two path of light source, high luminance ensures enough resolution of the large image, low luminance ensures to observe the ceramic end face with high reflective intensity.
  • Touch switch key for quick operation
  • Sub screen can adapt to different direction installation. Up or down, left or right.


Product Catalogue Description
MM Test single-core patch cord and ferrule, can also test TOSA&ROSA assembly optionally.
MT Test multiple-core connectors, like MPO,MTP etc., can also test TOSA&ROSA assembly optionally.
MF Test high and low speed SC/LC module, transceiver, suitable for SFP,QSFP etc.,package and TOSA/ROSA assembly. It can also test patch cord optionally.
Optional USB to Connect PC

End face can be analyzed by company special pass/fail software with USB connection to PC. The software can set IEC/IPC criteria or customize by user.

Package Special foam and carton

Transport & Storage : Avoid collision, rain and snow during transportation, do not store with chemical and wet articles.
Environmental Certification

Other Operation Notice

When clamp can not position the fiber firmly, replacement is needed. For a long use of clamp can cause certain amount of wearing.
Please pay attention to the cleaning and sanitation of lens, reduce the

After-sales Service and Protection

In the guarantee of product quality, a free maintenance service will be provided for any damage caused by the manufacturing process or original components within one year from the date of purchase.
Any man-made damage will not be covered by the free warranty and replacement of materials and accessories will be charged. But the company provide long-life maintenance service for any problem of the product.
For any problem please send us for more information.