Shenzhen Neodibo Fiber Optic Crimping machine

Neofibo Crimping machine is used for assembling fiber optic connectors / ceramic ferrules and fiber optic adapters. Pressure of the machine is adjustable, and it is available for different kinds of fiber optic connectors (Such as FC, ST, SC, MU, LC, E2000, LX.5 and so on).



1.Selling Point:

(1)Adapt to different accessory assembling and pressure by replacing different forks;

(2)Pressure adjustable, Operation simple and reliable;

(3)Pneumatic power, efficient and safe.


(1)Applied for assembling fiber optic connectors, ceramic ferrules and fiber optic adapters

(2)Available for different kinds of fiber optic connectors, such as FC, ST, SC, MU, LC, E2000, LX.5 and so on

(3)Easy to handle, High quality and High efficiency


(1)The pneumatic crimping Machine can crimp a variety of connectors

(2)Could provide connector crimping mould, adapter and metal tailstock crimping mould

(3)Different crimpling process equipment can be customized based on customer requirements

(4)Operation simple and reliable; high processing efficiency




Fiber Optic Crimping machine is specially designed for crimping optical fiber connector, wire terminal and wire harness. Automatic crimping scheme can be customized for wire terminal crimping. Silent crimping, easy to operate.

Key Feature:

  1. No need air pressure, motor driven, strong riveting
  2. Powerful, 1500 ~ 2000kgf crimping
  3. Automatic mode, foot switch operation
  4. Manual mode, easy to adjust or install the die
  5. Crimping stroke 0 ~ 30mm adjustable
  6. External lighting is convenient for quality inspection after crimping
  7. It has counting function to count the number of products processed
  8. The speed of the press is adjustable


FCCM-5000A pneumatic crimping machine is mainly used for assembling optical fiber jumper connectors, ceramic ferrules and optical fiber adapters.

Key Feature:

  1. Especially suitable for small batch crimping operation;
    2. Parallel crimping;
    3. Use a releasable locking device to ensure safe and reliable crimping;
    4. The die and accessories are easy to replace;
    5. No protection device is required, and the operation is very convenient.



(1). Clean the crimping slots and machine after you finish crimping, examine whether the slots have been damaged. If the slot was damaged, please change the crimping mould.

(2). If the crimping machine will not be used for a long time, put it in the ventilated and dry place to prevent the mould getting rust.

(3). The crimping mould will get abrasion if it is used for a long time. The body of crimping machine have one year warranty. If the machine is out of guarantee, we still provide maintenance and repair service. If you have problem to use it, please send email to


Fiber Optic Crimping machine FCCM-3000A & FCCM-500A need to operate with Air Compressor.

4.How To Use It.

(1). Get through the air pressure and make it turn on, then adjust the pressure to point at 0.4 on the dial.

(2). Before crimping, put different connectors into different mould slot.

Slot order From front to back,

The first is fit for FC/SC3.0;

The second is fit for LC/ST3.0 and FC/SC3.0;

The fourth is fit for LC/MU2.0.

(3). Turn off the power and cut down the air pressure when you don’t intend to use it.