QBH Water-cooled Laser Connector Polishing Solution

QBH Water-cooled Laser Connector Polishing Solution

Solution Description:

This solution applies to the QBH connector end-face polishing, using NPL-2000D intelligent foursquare polishing machine with Z-axis adjustable polishing fixture to use. QBH head end-face is a relatively easy to damage external optical circuit device, mainly by the optical coating and quartz block composition, quartz block is prone to rupture due to bumping, affecting the welding effect, so the end-face polishing of the QBH is particularly important.

QBH Introduction:

QBH (Quartz Block Head): Using the patented Quartz Block technology and Mode Stripping technology from Optoskand AB, Sweden, the fiber connector with built-in water cooling mechanism is capable of handling very high laser power transmission (>5kW average power, mW class peak pulse power) and can withstand very high echo reflections.

QBH is a fiber output component for fiber lasers, which is used to expand the fiber laser beam output and reduce the power and density of fiber lasers, which are widely used in the metal cutting and welding industries.

Solution Advantage:

Using a non-standard customized polishing fixture for mirror polishing of quartz columns at the front end of the QBH laser head;
The fixture can change the polishing trajectory to fully utilize the polishing film and maximize the service life of the film;
Z-axis adjustable fixture design, precise control of the amount of polishing;
Polishing a single QBH connector at a time, strictly monitoring the polishing status to ensure the quality of end-face polishing;
This fixture can also be used for PC end-face polishing of plastic fiber and glass fiber.

List of Solution Configurations:

NO. Product Name Product Model Number
1 intelligent foursquare polishing machine NPL-2000D 1Set
2 QBH connector polishing fixture BFJIG-1F-SQ 1Pcs
3 Triplex Adjustable Multifunctional Fiber Inspection Scope FK4-421P 1Set
4 Polishing glass pad PG5X-500-00 1Pcs
5 Polishing film SC-30/9/1um 100 Pcs each.
6 Final polishing film ADS-127 100 Pcs
7 Polishing slurry CO-1A 500mL/Bottle
8 Black flannelette B-PAD 50 Pcs

 QBH end-face polishing effect:

Common appearances are listed below:

The interior is often divided into 3 areas:

1-Output fiber fixed end;

2-Cladding optical stripping section (generally water-cooled structure);

3-Quartz rod fixed end.


1-The effect of the armor on the stress on the optical part during encapsulation;

2-The effect of fusion parameters and glue dispensing process on the quality of the beam;