Shenzhen Neofibo Fiber Optic Epoxy Injecting Machine

Neofibo Epoxy Injecting Machine & Fiber Optic Glue

Automatic Epoxy Injecting Machine AEIM-500:


  • First, the functional characteristics of the introduction:
  • 1, adopt microcomputer automatic control system, easy to operate.
  • 2, unique design of the panel, upload ferrule array could complete once.
  • 3, XYZ axis adopts Japanese dispensing technology, dual rail parallel support, and high transmission precision and stable performance.
  • 4, Japanese motor with America synchronous belt, Taiwan linear guide rail, using high precision with long service life.
  • 5, Adapt to mostly SC/LC/FC injection, injection speed (3600PCS/H), injection capacity with highly consistency, save the manpower and material resources, and injection speed can be adjustable.

Technical Parameters:

Part Number AEIM-500
X/Y/Z(mm) Injection Range 220/220/50
Repeat Accuracy +/- 0.02 mm/200
Display Usage LCD(320×240)
Vacuum Suction Function Air Supply (Automatic, Manual)
Motor System Made in Japan
Transmission Mode synchronous belt + precision linear guide rail
Input power AC110/220V(Internal Switch Conversion)300W
Exterior dimension 413×439×534mm
Weight 30kg

Epoxy Injecting Machine EIM-200:

Injecting Epoxy Glue into ceramic ferrules for fiber optic connectors.

Technical Parameters:

Time Setting 0.001 sec to 9.999 sec
Injecting time 0.007 sec to 9.999 sec (with air pressure)
Cycle break 0.1 sec to 9.9 sec
Input Pressure 1bar to 7bar (1 bar =1.01972 kg/cm2 =14.5038 psi)
Output Pressure 0.1 bar to 7 bar
Repeat Accuracy 0.00005 sec
Minimum Droplet 0.005 ml
Frequency No fewer than  600 times per minute
Input Voltage 110VAC+/-11VAC 50Hz ; 220VAC+/-22VAC 50Hz
Power Consumption Less than 15 Watt
Size 70 mm x 210 mm x 256 mm
Net Weight Less than 4 kg


The Epoxy adhesives is also called heat curing epoxy adhesive, is suitable for the production of optical communication products and widely used in the production of optical devices such as optical fiber connectors. The Epoxy adhesives is a two-component, which is used for heat curing epoxy resin under high temperature conditions. It can resist the dissolution and erosion of various solvents and chemicals. It is an ideal adhesive for bonding optical fiber, metal, glass, ceramics and most plastics.

The features of the Epoxy adhesives are: 1. Long operation time; 2. Easy operation; 3. Low skin allergic reaction