Shenzhen Neofibo Fiber Optic Cutting Machine

Shenzhen Neofibo Fiber Optic Cutting Machine have some Model such as AOFC-2001 / AOFC-2001(Align) / AOFC-2001(12C) / AOFC-5001.

Neofibo Fiber Optic Cutting Machine is full automatic machine, use to cut the indoor fiber optic cable. It large use in fiber optic patch cable/pigtail production line. In addition of this type of fiber optical cable cutting machine, we also can supply the full automatic of FTTH cable cutting machine also.


Key Features:

  • Automatic Neofibo Fiber Optic Cutting Machine is applied for producing fiber optic patchcord, and it is a professional equipment with measuring length / cutting and winding functions. It could cut different indoor optical fibers into required length and wind cable into circularity.
  • This equipment integrates the advantages from China and oversea factory’s cutting machines and increase an automatic feedback function for data groups. It makes the measuring accuracy improve better. It includes automatic winding and automatic cutting functions to protect the optical fiber.
  • Flexible for length and speed setting, High efficiency.
  • Friendly touch screen interface, compact window, self-defined language: Chinese / English / Korea.
  • Easy to handle, High precision, High speed, Low noise. It is the best machine for cable cutting and winding.

Technical Parameters:

Item Capacity
*  Operation System: Chinese and English touch screen
*  Cutting Length: no more than 999 mtrs
*  Cable type: Fiber dia 0.9mm to dia 6mm,

Simplex fiber, Duplex fiber and Ribbon Fiber.

UTP, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a (Customize: dia 7.3 mm cable)

*  Speed: 1.6 meters per second
*  Length Accuracy: no more than 3%
*  Power Consumption: 450 Watt, 220V AC, 50/60Hz
*  Pressure Source: 0.4 to 0.6Mpa
*  Carrying Weight for Cable Sending Machine Less than 40 kgs
*  Cable Drum Outer Diameter for Cable Sending Machine: Less than 500 mm
*  Cable Drum Inner Diameter for Cable Sending Machine: More than 23 mm, and less than 80 mm
*  Cable Collection Bowl: Diameter 180 mm
*  Assembled Machine Size: 110cm * 73cm * 125cm
*  Net Weight/Gross Weight: 134 kgs / 175kgs
*  Wooden Case Size: 110cm(L)* 73cm(W) *125cm(H)


12-core cable cutting machine is mainly used for the production of optical fiber patch cords. It is a professional production line equipment with the functions of measuring length/cutting and winding. It can cut different chamber fiber optic cables to the required length, and it also increases the automatic feedback function of the data set, so that the measurement accuracy can be better improved.

Key Feacture:

  • Dedicated to cutting 12-core tight-packed bundled optical cables;
  • Adopt color man-machine interface, concise and clear, free switch between Chinese and English operation menu;
  • Equipped with foot switch control, easy and fast operation;
  • Passive pay-off frame, can assemble 8-12 tight-pack optical cables at the same time;
  • Rail-type design wire groove, accurate length measurement;
  • Configurable take-up reel to wrap optical cable.


Model AOFC-2001(12C)
Cutting Cable Diameter 0.9mm
Cut Length 0.5-200 meters
Optical Cable Category 12-core/12-color tight cable, 12-color loose tube
Cable Cutting Error Set length 0.3%
Operating Voltage AC 220V-240V
Work Efficiency Within 5 meters in length, 200 groups/hour
Pay-off Stand 6 groups/8 groups/12 groups, standard 12 groups
Package Dimensions 1250*800*1020mm, 1500*800*1650mm
Equipment Gross Weight 215 kg


The model of big diameter cable cutting machine, which is Specially designed for armored cable. Its cable diameter range is 6.0 mm to 16 mm. It could receive cable with bowls and cable receiving machine. When using cable receiving machine, cable could be aligned and coiled into tight cable rings. You could also divide big cable drum into small cable drum with short cable.fiber optic cable cutting machine,fiber optic cable cutting machine

Key Features:

  • Design for big diameter cable cutting and aligning.
  • Separate cable sending machine, and loading weight more than 150 kgs.
  • Intelligent cable receiving machine could coil cable into rings or align cable onto small drums.
  • Max loading weight for cable receiving machine is 60 kgs
  • Cut different cables into customized length and wind cable into circularity.
  • Speed is adjustable for cable receiving machine.
  • High accuracy cutting length for machine, tolerance is less than 0.03%
  • Automatic winding and cutting functions to protect the optical fiber.
  • Customize cable length on control system.
  • Friendly touch screen interface, compact window.
  • Customized language: Chinese / English / Korea or other.
  • Easy to handle and Low noise.


Description Capacity
Operation System Chinese & English, Touch Screen
Cutting Length 1 to 999 mtrs
Cable Diameter Φ6.0mm to Φ16mm(max)
Cable Type Jacket fiber, UTP, CAT6, Armored cable, FTTH cable
Running Speed(m/sec) 0.5 – 1.6 meters per second
Length Accuracy no more than 0.3%
Power Consumption 4500 Watt, 220V AC, 50/60Hz
Pressure Source 0.4 to 0.6Mpa
Cable Sending Machine Load Weight Less than 150 kgs
Cable Drum size CSM: max Φ900*700 mm, CRM: max Φ600*500 mm
Cable Drum Hole diameter 50-80 mm
Cable Collection Bowl Size Φ350*200 mm
Assembled Machine Size 300cm * 80cm * 150cm
Net & Gross Weight 400 kgs / 450kgs

Remark: If you have special requirements, please feel free to contact us.