Polishing Fixture for Senko APC-8000 Polishing Machine

Polishing Fixture for Senko APC-8000 Polishing Machine
APC-8000 Polishing Machine

Senko Polishing Fixture


1.The following polishing fixtures are designed for Shangang APC-8000 polishing machine, and are suitable for a variety of different connectors or ferrules;
2.For the polishing jig dedicated to the fan port machine, New Feibo provides customized services.

Polishing Fixture List for APC-8000:

Model Product name Connector
SC-PC-20SK 20-core SC/UPC finished grinding fixture SC/UPC
FC-PC-20SK 20-core FC/UPC Finished Grinding Fixture FC/UPC
ST-PC-20SK 20-core ST/UPC finished grinding fixture ST/UPC
LC-PC-24SK 24 core LC/UPC finished grinding fixture LC/UPC
MU-PC-24SK 24 core MU/UPC finished grinding fixture MU/UPC
SC-APC-18SK 18-core SC/APC finished grinding fixture SC/APC
FC-APC-18SK 18-core FC/APC finished grinding fixture FC/APC
ST-APC-18SK 18-core ST/APC finished grinding fixture ST/APC
LC-APC-20SK 20-core LC/APC finished grinding fixture LC/APC
MU-APC-20SK 20-core MU/APC finished grinding fixture MU/APC
SCA-24-SK* 24 core SC/APC quick assembly ferrule grinding fixture SC/FC/APC
SM905-24-SK* 24-core SMA905 quick-fit ferrule grinding fixture SMA905
MPO-UPC-12FSK 12-core MPO/UPC common ferrule grinding fixture MPO/UPC
MPO-UPC-18FSK 18-core MPO/UPC common ferrule grinding fixture MPO/UPC
MPO-APC-12FSK 12-core MPO/APC ordinary ferrule grinding fixture MPO/APC
MPO-APC-18FSK 18-core MPO/APC ordinary ferrule grinding fixture MPO/APC
MPO-UPC-12SK* 12-pin MPO/UPC quick-installation ferrule MPO/UPC
MPO-UPC-18SK* 18-pin MPO/UPC quick-installed ferrule MPO/UPC
MPO-UPC-24SK* 24-core MPO/UPC quick-installation ferrule MPO/UPC
MPO-APC-12SK* 12-pin MPO/APC quick-release ferrule MPO/APC
MPO-APC-18SK* 18-pin MPO/APC quick-installation ferrule plate MPO/APC
E2000-PC-24SK* 24-core MPO/APC quick-installed ferrule plate E2000/UPC
E2000-APC-24SK(H+S)* 24-core E2000/UPC quick-installation ferrule plate E2000/APC
E2000-APC-24SK(R&M)* 24-core E2000/APC quick-installed ferrule plate E2000/APC
MPO-APC-24SK* 24-core E2000/APC quick-installed ferrule plate MPO/APC

Note: The products with * are all patents of Shenzhen Neoholder
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