Neofibo MPO Fiber Optic Polishing Solution

MPO Fiber Optic Polishing Solution
Solution 1: Pneumatic Central Pressure Polishing Machine Polishing MPO Ferrule

Recommended Models: MPO Programmable Polishing Machine — FPM-5000

Solution Advantages:
1. Pneumatic central pressure polishing MPO ferrule
2. Quantitative control of polishing pressure, time and speed
3. Equipped with 24-bit MT ferrule fixture, high polishing efficiency
4. 100% verification test, a variety of polishing fixtures to choose from
5. Ergonomic design, right start and left stop
6. After the previous step of polishing is finished, it will automatically switch to the next step of polishing
7. Convenient operation, suitable for mass production polishing and rework polishing
8. It is recommended to use 24-channel insertion return loss meter and MPO interferometer
9. Equipped with MPO end face cleaning machine, clean thoroughly without damaging the end face
10. Optional multi-core automatic judgment end face inspection instrument, storage report

MPO Polishing Fixtures:



MPO Patch Cord Testing Equipments:





Solution 1 Equipment Configuration List:
Solution 2: Fourquare Polishing Machine to Polish MPO ferrules

Recommended Models:

Polisher:Fourquare Polishing Machine–NEOPL-2000A

Fixture: 24-core MT APC polishing fixture

Solution Advantages:

1. Fourquare Polishing Machine for processing MPO ferrules
2. Quantitatively control the polishing pressure of MPO ferrules
3. 24-bit MT polishing fixture, high polishing efficiency
4. 100% verification test to ensure the reliability of polishing equipment
5. The standard configuration includes a ferrule loader and an Allen wrench

Solution 2 Equipment Configuration List: