Polishing Fixture for Domaille APM-HDC-5300 & FPM-5000

Polishing Fixture for Domaille APM-HDC-5300 & Neofibo FPM-5000
Suitable for FPM-5000, HDC-5200, HDC-5300 polishing machines

1. The ferrule quick-release plate effectively solves the problems of low connector polishing efficiency, long time for disassembly and assembly of the ferrule, and high polishing cost.
2. High efficiency polishing, 12-24 cores can be polished at one time




Polishing Fixture List for FPM-5000, HDC-5200, HDC-5300

Note: The marks with * are all Neoholder patented products. FA polishing jigs / ferrule quick-release trays need to provide physical objects and drawings.If you have custom requirements, please call 0755-86223060 or send an email to info@fibrekits.com.

Matching Our Company Polishing Machine – FPM-5000

Better polishing effect

Polishing Scene


Main features of FPM-5000
1. Neofibo CE certified grinding machine
2. LCD touch screen, free switch between Chinese and English interface
3. Pneumatic pressure, frequency conversion motor drive, total power 200W
4. Built-in verified grinding parameters
5. Up to 6 groups of parameters can be stored, and the last 2 groups can be used for regrind
6. Rotation speed, time and pressure can be quantitatively controlled
7. Suitable for polishing precision optical devices such as MPO/bare fiber/fiber connector/FA
8. Rubber pad sandpaper, grinding consumables diameter 127mm

Neofibo : Your Reliable Supplier

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13-year Manufacturing Experience for OEM/ODM polishing program;
③ Independent research and development patent – Neoholder®
④ Products have CE, ROHS certification;
⑤ Support online video synchronization inspection machine;
⑥ Equipment test report and operation guide can be provided;
⑦ SGS certified factory, delivery speed and secure,50 units in stock
30 days quality problems can be returned;
Free polishing films sample;