Neofibo Central Pressure Polishing Fixture

Neofibo Central Pressure Polishing Fixture

Polishing Fixture for NEOPL-1200A

1. Suitable for SC LC ST FC MU E2000 finished connectors or ferrules
2. Clamp 12-24 finished connectors or ferrules at one time
3. Low cost of polishing fixture, suitable for non-standard ferrule polishing

Polishing Fixture List for NEOPL-1200A:

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Matching Our Company Polishing Machine — NEOPL-1200A

Better polishing effect

NEOPL-1200A Main Features:
1. Neifibo CE certified optical fiber polishing machine
2. Four-corner pressure column pressurization
3. Double motor drive, 6075B/3010B
4. Polishing pad and polishing disc diameter 127mm
5. Can polish 32-52 connectors
6. Suitable for UPC&APC end face polishing of various connectors
7. High-precision processing ensures the dimensional accuracy of the equipment
8. The special heat treatment process ensures the durability of the equipment
9. Use our high-precision polishing jigs for better polishing results
10. Provide non-standard ferrule polishing disc design and customized services

Polishing Fixture for OFL-15A

1.Suitable for pressure grinding machine of Seiko Technical Research Center;
2.Can polish 12~24 finished connectors or ferrules at one time;
3.High precision, good polishing consistency, finished product 3D test pass rate as high as 95%-100%.

Polishing Fixture List for OFL-15A:

Note: If you have custom requirements, please call 0755-86223060 or send an email to

Matching Polishing Machine — OFL-15A

Better polishing effect

OFL-15A Main Features:

It inherits the features of easy operation, high yield, and high stability of the traditional OFL-15 grinder.In addition, the more traditional OFL-15 applies a double programmable polishing pressure in order to increase production capacity, which can meet the needs of large-scale production, and the number of polishing ferrules at a time is up to 24.The polishing process,polishing jigs, and polishing consumables are exactly the same as the traditional OFL-15.The large touch screen is easier to program and can store 15 five-step polishing processes.The stored polishing process can avoid misoperation, and at the same time, it is easy to switch products during the production process.

Neofibo : Your Reliable Supplier

1. Provide you with reliable polishing solution;

2.13-year Manufacturing Experience for OEM/ODM polishing program;
3. Independent research and development patent – Neoholder®;
4. Products have CE, ROHS certification;
5. Support online video synchronization inspection machine;
6. Equipment test report and operation guide can be provided;
7. SGS certified factory, delivery speed and secure,50 units in stock;
8. 30 days quality problems can be returned;
9.Free polishing films sample;