Shenzhen Neofibo Non-standard Custom Polishing Fixture

Shenzhen Neofibo Non-standard Custom Polishing Fixture

A: Ferrule Quick Mount Polishing Fixture

Main features:
1. Designed exclusively for high-density polishing of ferrules
2. Neoholder® is the exclusive trademark of this ferrule quick-release plate
3. Finger push type, one lock and four structure, labor-saving design
4. Can polish 12-48 ferrules
5. Positioning the contour on the new workpiece and fixing the length of the contour device for regrinding the workpiece

Custom requirements:
1. Ferrule material: ceramic, metal, plastic, etc.;
2. Ferrule exposed length: 2.0~10.0mm;
3. Equipped with a ferrule equalizer for use.

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Applicable Ferrule Workpiece:



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Ferrule Polishing Fixture List:

B: Bare Fiber Polishing Fixture

Main features:
1. Designed exclusively for bare fiber polishing and polishing;
2. Suitable for bare fiber with core diameter of 0.30-1.5mm;
3. The regular rhombus V-groove clamps multiple bare fibers;
4. Polish 200-400 bare fibers at one time;
5. Single-core, double-core and four-core clamping methods can be designed according to customers;
6. The four-step polishing method accurately controls the polishing cut amount of each step to 0.01mm.

Applicable Fiber:

Quartz optical fiber, plastic optical fiber

Bare Fiber Polishing Fixture List:

1.BFJIG-200F-SQ     200 Core Bare Fiber Polishing Fixture;

2.BFJIG-16P-AQ      16 Core Single Core Clamping Bare Fiber Polishing Fixture.

C: FA and Capillary Polishing Fixture

Main features:
1.Suitable for 380 large optical fiber polisher;
2.Polishing square and round glass capillaries;
3.Design clamping schemes for different sizes of square FA;
4.Design 24~72 clamping positions according to the size of the workpiece;
5.Turn the screw, the pressure block moves back and forth with the screw;
6.When the workpiece is locked, the workpiece does not move relative to it.
Custom Requirements:
Customers provide workpiece samples and drawings.

Applicable Workpiece: 

D: Finger Push Damping Ferrule Rebound Polishing Fixture

Main Features:
1. Finger push damping locking ferrule with tail shank;
2.The spring-back design of the ferrule ensures the 3D effect;
3.24 SCUPC ferrules can be ground at one time;
4.Suitable for four-corner pressure grinder.
Custom Requirements:
1.1.25/2.50/2.00/1.60mm ferrule with tail shank;
2.The tail handle has a step;
3.The design can grind APC and UPC 3D end faces;
4.The exposed length of the ferrule is not less than 3mm;
5.1.25mm diameter ferrule grinding 48~72 cores;
6.2.50mm diameter ferrule can grind up to 32 cores.

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Applicable Ferrule Workpiece:

E: Polishing Fixture for Ferrule Springback

Main Features:
1.The sub-disk has one lock and one lock or one lock and two clamps the polishing workpiece;
2.Can clamp multi-core MT ferrule, LC short ferrule and SC short ferrule;
3.With 3D requirements, clamping ceramic ferrules;
4.No 3D requirements, clamping metal parts;
5.The new workpiece adopts upper positioning and locking;
6.Clamp the repaired product to the same height.
Custom Requirements:
1.The exposed length of the ferrule is more than 3mm.
2.Provide ferrule drawings and samples.

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Applicable Ferrule Workpiece: