Neofibo 380 Plane course grinding machine;FPM -380-P

380 Plane grinding machine;FPM-380

380 Plane course grinding machine;FPM -380-P


The 380 Plane grinding machine is a device that adds abrasives to grind and polish the surface of the workpiece. Appropriate grinding slurry, polishing slurry and grinding fixtures must be selected. It is mainly used for plane grinding of precision metal, ceramics and glass products.

Main features:

  • The self-weight of the grindingfixture or the pressure of the counterweight;
  • Load three grindingfixtures at a time;
  • Select the appropriate grinding slurry, grindng fixture and other accessories, and complete the grinding in two steps;
  • The grinding time can be set arbitrarily in hours, minutes and seconds, including timing accumulation function;
  • The flatness of grindingsurface on diameter 50mm round surface;
  • FPM-380-P with trimming surface of resin sand wheel,suitable for rough grinding and polishing;
  • FPM-380 withouttrimming surface of resin sand wheel, only suitable for final


  • Widely used in plane polishing of precision metal, ceramics and glass products;
  • Suitable for optical fiber array and glass capillary grinding;
  • It is also suitable for external polishing of metal, ceramic and glass products;
  • It can also be used for plane grinding of small wafers, silicon wafers, germanium wafers, molds and light guides.
    Model Name Advantages and Features
    FA-36-H3 36 Position FA polishing Fixture Polishing square and round glass capillaries;

    Design blessing schemes for square FAs of different sizes;

    Design 24-72 as clamping position according to workpiece size

    FA-30-140 30 Position FA polishing Fixture
    FA-3613-30-140 36 Position FA polishing Fixture