Welcome to the 2024 PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO

Welcome to the 2024 PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO

Time:24-26 July, 2024


Add:China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited will bring a series of ultra-precision grinding equipment for optoelectronic industry, medical industry customers, shafting equipment, etc. debut in ” 2024 PHOTONICS CHINA EXPO “, and in the exhibition site to share the bare fiber grinding, endoscopic grinding, SMA905 grinding the latest grinding and polishing process, as well as the single-core, multi-core PM fiber shafting product information, welcome new and old customers and friends to visit the exhibition! We will share the latest grinding and polishing process of bare fiber grinding, endoscopic grinding, SMA905 grinding, and the product information of single-core and multi-core bias-preserving fiber alignment at the exhibition site, Booth No. C86, and welcome new and old customers and friends to visit the exhibition for communication!

At that time, Neofibo will address the ultra-high grinding needs of bare fiber and develop the 1800 series of grinders, which can achieve normal PC/APC endface grinding, tapered bare fiber grinding, wedge-shaped bare fiber grinding, D-shaped bare fiber grinding (bare fiber side) and spherical side bare fiber grinding, and can be customized to match the grinding process and ultra-precision grinding consumables.

For the different alignment requirements of single and multi-core bias-preserving fibers, FA bias-preserving fiber arrays and other products, NUFIBER has developed corresponding alignment equipments, which are equipped with 360-degree adjustable fiber optic rotators, in-line thermal curing or UV curing, multi-dimensional adjustable racks, and internal/external light sources, to maximize the accuracy of the alignment, and the multi-core alignment adopts an independent fiber optic rotator, which ensures the anti-jamming of the optical fibers.

News Arrival – NEOPL-2000i/NEOPL-2000P-C

Neofibo has newly launched two high-end polishers, NEOPL-2000i new foursquare polishing machine and NEOPL-2000P-C intelligent lift and pressurized polishing machine.

NEOPL-2000i is equipped with an automatic lift and pressurization control system, with a lift control accuracy of 0.001mm; it adopts a 6-inch large rotary disc design, which can enhance the grinding efficiency by 50% and can grind 36-42 MT inserts at one time.

NEOPL-2000P-C adopts floating island type grinding fixture, with lift and pressurization, up and down displacement control of 0.001mm; external automatic replenishment and drainage system; initial grinding position can be read and stored manually.

Neofibo selects representative fiber optic product grinding solutions in recent years, such as endoscope grinding solution, SMA905 grinding solution, QBH grinding solution, etc., and discusses the latest information with you on the spot.

Endoscope polishing program

Specialized in the field of medical endoscopes/transmitter beams manufacturing, it is suitable for the grinding design of metal casing transmitter beams and endoscopes end faces, with precise control of the amount of grinding cuts and grinding pressure. The program is equipped with a special multi-objective end checker, which is convenient to view the overall appearance and local details of defects.

QBH Water-cooled Laser Connector Polishing Solution

The program is dedicated to the QBH connector end face grinding, using NPL-2000D intelligent four corners of the pressurized grinding machine with Z-axis adjustable grinding jig to use. QBH head end face is more vulnerable to damage to the external optical circuit devices, mainly by the optical coating and quartz block composition, quartz block is prone to rupture due to the bump caused by the impact of the welding effect, so the end face of the QBH grinding is particularly important.

Other Proven Polishing Solutions from Neofibo

  • Single fiber polishing solution
  • MPO polishing solution
  • Endoscope polishing solution
  • SMA905polishing solution
  • Bare fiber polishing solution
  • HFBR plastic fiber polishing solution
  • Light beam/Image beam polishing solution
  • FApolishing solution
  • SC waterproof connector polishing solution
  • QBHwater-cooled laser connector polishing solution
  • SC White key polishing solution
  • mini JUMPERpolishing solution

Professional Sales Team and Rich Product Knowledge,Neofibo looking forward to seeing you at Exhibition!