Specially Designed for Bare Optical Fiber Polishing

Bare Fiber Polishing Machine


Product Description:

NEOPL-1800 Polishing Machine is specially designed for bare optical fiber polishing, to polish the fiber into PC end face, APC end face and Conical end face. Equipped with indexing circle and 3D adjustment holder, the polishing angle of optical fiber is adjustable from 0-60 degrees. External micrometer to adjust the fiber extension length and polishing pressure. Quick removal bare fiber adapter interface, holding different diameters of optical fiber. Suitable for polishing communication accessories, special optical fibers, medical fibers and energy fibers.

Product Features:

  • Designed specifically for bare fiber polishing, different diameter fibers are equipped with different ferrule adapters.
  • Support PC end face and APC end face polishing.
  • Polishing APC bare fiber end face, tilt angle 0 to 60 degrees adjustable.
  • HD magnifier, real-time monitoring of polishing status and appearance.
  • Suitable for fiber optic application R&D units and university laboratories.
  • Customized polishing fixture for different fiber optic products.
  • Common applications include fiber arrays, optical waveguide devices, optical chips and collimator assemblies, etc.
  • Optional conical fiber polishing fixture for polishing conical end faces of bare fibers

Main parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Value
Machine size(L*W*H/mm) 150*200*250
Diameter of rubber pad 70mm
Outside diameter of rotating plate 90mm
Indexing circle angle 0-50 degrees
Z-axis adjustable height 10mm
Timing range 0-60 seconds adjustable
Power source 220V AC, 50/60 Hz
LCD display size 24 inches
Polishing machine net weight 5 kg
Monitor magnifier net weight 5 kg
LCD display weight 6.5 kg
Total gross weight 16.5 kg
Packing foam + carton
Packing size(mm) 390*350*390mm *box / 610*390*160mm

Standard configuration

Product Quantity Unit
Polishing machine NEOPL-1800A 1 set
Rubber pad 70/75/80/85 degree 4 pieces
Glass pad NGP-70MM-00 1 piece
Bare fiber holder BFH-2.50 1 pc
Video Magnifier VIS-100X 1 set