Neofibo Various Angles Bare Fiber Polishing Machine

Neofibo Various Angles Bare Fiber Polishing Machine
The flexible processing platform of the NEOPL-1800 series makes it suitable for polishing bare fibers of various angles. Fibers can be polished at various angles from 0 to 60 degrees using specialized fixtures and adapters. It can handle a variety of fiber types such as standard single-mode multi-mode bare fiber and special material fiber bundles. Quick change of adapters allows fiber diameters ranging from 125 microns to 1000 microns.The equipped video inspection system can monitor the polishing process of bare fiber in real time. Various Angles Fiber Polishing

Product Description:
1800 series bare fiber grinder is specially used for bare fiber grinding, grinding optical fiber into PC end face, APC end f

ace and tapered end face. The equipment is equipped with an index circle and a three-dimensional adjustment frame, and the optical fiber grinding angle can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees. With an external micrometer, the fiber extension length can be adjusted to control the amount of fiber grinding and grinding pressure. Quick-release bare fiber holder for holding fibers of different diameters. It is suitable for grinding special optical fibers of communication devices, medical optical fibers, and energy optical fibers. D-type bare fiber grinder needs to be customized.

Product Features:
> Specially designed for bare fiber polishing, with different ferrule adapters for different diameter fibers;
> Can be used for UPC and APC end face polishing;
> Polished APC bare f

iber end face, adjustable inclination angle 0-60 degrees;
> HD magnifying glass, real-time monitoring of polishing status and appearance;
> Suitable for optical fiber application R&D departments and university laboratories;
> Customize polishing fixtures for different fiber products;
> Applications include fiber arrays, optical waveguide devices, optical chips and collimator assemblies, etc.

Model Description Function
NEOPL-1800 PC end-face bare fiber polishing machine Polihing bare fiber PC end-face
NEOPL-1800A PC/APC end-face bare fiber polishing machine Polishing bare fiber PC and APC end faces
NEOPL-1800C Conical bare fiber polishing machine Polishing PC, APC and tapered end faces
NEOPL-1800D D-type end-face bare fiber polishing machine Polishing the cylindrical side of the fiber, the fiber end face is D-shaped