Silicon Dioxide Polishing Film,SO-0.02um

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    Silicon Dioxide Polishing Film,SO-0.02um

    Product Description

    SO-0.02um fiber polishing film is made by a special process, the nano-silicon dioxide and new polymer materials evenly dispersed, coated on the surface of high-strength film, and then processed by high-precision cutting process, wear-resistant and no powder, with good adhesion, abrasion resistance and toughness. The product has a wide range of applications, not limited to the field of fiber optic grinding, but also can be used for grinding and polishing of glass chips, optical lenses, optical crystals, LED, LCD, rollers, hard disk, metal parts and so on.

    Key Features

    • Polishing film surface particles are evenly distributed, good grinding effect polishing efficiency;
    • Has good wear resistance and long service life;
    • Selected abrasives, fine grinding end face, high yield;
    • Good adhesion, paste effect is stable, to ensure the quality of polishing;
    • Has good strength and toughness, the surface polishing effect is ideal;
    • Easy to clean the end face after polishing;
    • Overall stability of fiber optic depression after polishing, -50~-30nm under suitable pressure.

    Product Parameters:

    Model SO-0.02um
    Mesh 12000 mesh
    Material Silicon Dioxide
    Color White slightly translucent (translucent)
    SIZE φ127/110mm or other required specifications
    Storage Temperature 0~35 ℃
    Storage Humidity 20%~80
    Range of Application Fiber optic connectors, glass chips, optical lenses, optical crystals, LEDs, LCDs, rollers, hard disks, metal parts, etc.

    How to use?

    • Identifying the polishingside: Pick up the polishing pad, if it bulges in the center and curves downward at the edges, this side above is the polishing side;
    • Patch: clean the polishingpad before use and wet it with a little water, attach the polishing film abrasive side up.
    • Squeeze out the air between the polishing film and the abrasive pad and wipe the abrasive side of the polishing film clean; the hardness of the rubber pad is generally recommended to be 70 degrees when polishing, which can be adjusted by yourself according to different kinds of inserts or requirements;
    • Set the conditions of the grinder: set the grinding time and speed before use, recommended polishing time 20~60s, according to the machine model and pressure can be adjusted appropriately by themselves;
    • Polishing media: Priority recommended to add pure water as grinding media, and then pressurized to start grinding;
    • Cleaning: clean the polishing pads and fiber optic connector end faces before and after each polishing to avoid scratches caused by impurities.