SC APC Ferrule Thrust Locking Polishing Fixture, SCA-32-SQH6.5

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    SC APC Ferrule Thrust Locking Polishing Fixture, SCA-32-SQH6.5

    Product Description

    SC APC Ferrule Finger Push Locking Polishing Fixture is independently developed and designed by Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited and is specially designed for polishing 2.5 diameter ferrule as a fixture. This product adopts a finger push a lock four clamping mode, loading disk dismantling faster, this polishing fixture loading disk need to be matched with matching isometric use, to ensure the consistency of the length of the ferrule exposure.

    Key Features:

    • The fixture is equipped with 0.65mm contouring device to ensure the consistency of the exposed length ofthe ferrule;
    • Finger push a lock four locking way, loading fixturedismantling fixture more quickly;
    • The polishing fixture has the characteristics of high reliability and high consistency;
    • After debugging the polishing parameters, the end face polishing effect is excellent;
    • This polishing fixtureis common to most of the foursquare polishing machine type on the market.

    Application2.50mm diameter ferrule 

    Technical Parameters:

    Model SCA-32-SQH6.5
    Fixture Diameter 127mm
    Max number of cores 32 positions
    Polishing product type 2.50 diameter ferrule
    Fixture thickness 6.5mm
    Equalizer height 0.65mm
    Applicable models NEOPL-2000A, NPL-2000D,NEOPL-2000P etc Foursquare polishing machine
    Net weight 0.8 kgs
    Gross Weight 1.5 kgs
    Packing Size 220*220*100mm