Neofibo FPM-380 automatic bare fiber polishing machine

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    Key features:
    1. The pressure of the cylinder is adjustable, and the pressure is adjustable;
    2. Select the appropriate polishing liquid, polishing fixture and other accessories;
    3. The feed amount and speed of rough and finish can be adjusted;
    4. The polishing timer can be set arbitrarily within the range of 1-99 hours, and has the function of accumulating time.


    The neofibo fpm-380 is a reliable, automatic bare fiber polishing machine that guarantees outstanding results in terms of polishing accuracy and consistency. it is designed to fulfill the modern demand for precision polishing in the optical communication industry.
    This machine is purposely engineered to polish bare fibers with an outer diameter between 200 µm and 1.25 mm, delivering consistent and reliable quality polishing results over the long run. the fpm-380 is an ideal choice for fiber optic cable manufacturers, r&d labs, and other facilities that need to polish bare fibers accurately and with repeatability.
    One of the features that distinguish neofibo’s fpm-380 from similar machines is its ability to automatically detect the fiber optic connectors and adjust the polishing parameters automatically to optimize the polishing process. this feature minimizes human intervention, making the polishing process faster and more efficient.
    The fpm-380 is user-friendly, and the machine is straightforward to operate, thanks to its intuitive user interface. with a robust construction, it allows 24/7 operations without the need for frequent maintenance.
    Neofibo is committed to providing high-quality and reliable machines that ensure precision polishing with optimal efficiency. if you are looking for the best automatic bare fiber polishing machine in the market, the fpm-380 is an excellent choice. contact us today to learn more.