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    Neofibo Automatic Cable Coiling and Binding Machine

    Key Features:

    * Simple and convenient to handle,finish operation in 1 second;

    * No damages for binded cables,perfect uniformity;

    * Application:power cable/ optical patch cable/ USB charge cable binding.


    Neofibo Automatic Cable Coiling and Binding Machine —— ACCBM-0540Zz


    Automatic Cable Coiling and Binding Machine only needs to put the wire on the winding port to automatically wind the wire, and then put the wound wire at the wire tie port, the machine can automatically tie the tape, and can set the length of the wire, the number of turns, and the number of coils to be wound. , the winding speed is set, and the output can be counted. PLC program control, text display for parameter setting, simple and convenient operation.










    Key Features:

    1. Winding, cable ties, and wire cutting are all integrated, and one machine is multi-purpose. It is suitable for power cords, USB data cables, video cables, network cables, wires, headphone cables, etc.
    2. Touch screen panel, text display parameter setting, simple and convenient, high efficiency
    3. The machine is equipped with a high-definition touch screen system, PLC control program, and can arbitrarily set the number of winding coils, winding speed and cable length
    4. The number of steps for winding, tying, feeding and twisting is adjustable, which is convenient for debugging.
    5. The cable tie can be regarded as the size of the cable, and the length of the cable is different.
    6. Suitable for 45mm to 170mm power cable, data cable, DC cable.

    Order Information:

    Model ACCBM-0328Z ACCBM-0830Z ACCBM-1540Z ACCBM-1845Z ACCBM-4080Z
    Binding diameter 3-28mm 8-30mm 15-40mm 18-45mm 40-80mm
    Winding diameter 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-200mm 50-200mm
    Tie length 60-125mm 75-140mm 120-190mm 120-200mm 220-300mm
    Binding speed 0.6S/time 0.6S/time 0.6S/time 0.6S/time 0.6S/time
    Winding speed 1-8circle/s 1-8circle/s 1-8circle/s 1-8circle/s 1-8circle/s
    Belt type Rubberized iron core Rubberized iron core Rubberized iron core Rubberized iron core Rubberized iron core
    Weight 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg
    Voltage 220V/60HZ 220V/60HZ 220V/60HZ 220V/60HZ 220V/60HZ

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