FC PC fiber optic connector-Black Mutil Mode Simplex 2.0mm


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    fc pc connector

    Looking for a dependable and tough fiber optic connector? look no further than the fc pc fiber optic connector in black. this connector is designed to connect various fiber optic cables to each other or to terminal equipment, and it comes with a variety of benefits that make it a reliable option for many businesses.
    One of the main benefits of the fc pc connector is its simple design. the connector features a standard cylindrical ceramic ferrule, which is easy to insert and remove from your equipment. it is also extremely durable, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.
    Another advantage of the fc pc connector is its compatibility with a variety of fiber types. it is a multimode connector and can be used with 50/125, 62.5/125, and 100/140 micron multimode fibers. the connector is also simplex, meaning it uses just one fiber for transmitting data.
    The fc pc connector also features a 2.0mm diameter, which is ideal for small, compact installations. the connector is available in both single-mode and multimode versions, and is compatible with a variety of cable types.
    In summary, the fc pc fiber optic connector in black is a reliable and durable solution for your fiber optic needs. this connector is compatible with multiple fiber types, features a simple design, and has a 2.0mm diameter, making it an excellent choice for various fiber optic applications. order now to get started with this beneficial connector.