Bare Fiber Hand Polishing Fixture, HD-Z-330um/HD-Z-380um

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    Bare Fiber Hand Polishing Fixture, HD-Z-330um/HD-Z-380um

    Product Description:

    HD-Z-330um/HD-Z-380um Bare Fiber Hand Polishing Fixture is developed and designed by Shenzhen Newfable Technology Co., Ltd. and is specially used for grinding 330um or 380um diameter bare optical fiber, a new type of manual grinding fixture. This product adopts unique imitation U groove locking method, non-destructive clamping fiber cladding, one second locking core one second disassembly of the core, each core independent pressure, grinding the end face effect is excellent, can be customized for different diameter core grinding jig.

    Key Feature:

    • This jig is designed for grinding 330um\380um diameter bare optical fiber, one fiber at a time;
    • Adopts a unique imitation U groove locking method, which can easily achieve non-destructive clamping of optical fibers and protect the optical fiber cladding;
    • Applies the shortest fiber length of not less than 5mm;
    • Can be customized with different fiber diameter sizes, choose any one size between 300-1000um to customize;
    • Polishing parameters after debugging, the end face grinding effect is excellent.

    Application330um/380um diameter bare fiber

     Technical Parameters:

    Model HD-Z-330um/HD-Z-380um
    Fixture type Hand polishing fixture
    Maxi number of fiber 1 core
    Polishing product category 330um/380um diameter bare fiber
    X-axis angle control (degree) ≤0.15
    Y-axis angle control (degree) ≤0.15
    Net weight 0.5 kgs
    Gross weight 1 kgs
    Packing size 100*100*50mm