24 core 11.7deg BOB Ferrule Polishing Fixture, BOB-24-SQ(11.7deg)

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    24 core 11.7deg BOB Ferrule Polishing Fixture, BOB-24-SQ(11.7deg)

    Product Description

    BOB-24-SQ (11.7deg) is a quick release fixture developed and designed by Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited, which is specially used for polishing 11.7degree medium step tail shank ferrules. This product adopts finger push one lock two locking mode, 6 seconds can lock 24 ferrules, polishing end-face effect is excellent, can be customized for different diameters of ladle pin insert polishing program.

    Key Feature:

    • This grinding jig is suitable for 11.7 degree center step tailstock ferrule polishing;
    • High polishing efficiency, can polish24 ferrules at a time;
    • Finger-push type one lock two clamping method, easy and fast operation, non-destructive clamping;
    • A grade end-face and 3D yield, one time pass rate of more than 95%;
    • Polishing fixture geometry in accordance with IEC standards;
    • Suitable for four-corner pressurized polishing machines such as NeofiboNPL-2000D;
    • Polishing fixtures are characterized by high reliability and consistency.

     Application: ladle pin ferrules

    Technical Parameters:

    Model BOB-24-SQ(11.7deg)
    Disk Diameter 127mm
    Maximum number of cores 24 positions
    Grinding product type Steel Clad Pin Insert
    Disk loading method Finger push type one lock two
    Applicable models NPL-2000D,NEOPL-2000P,NEOPL-2000A
    Net weight 0.8 kgs
    Gross weight 1.5 kgs
    Packing Size 220*220*100mm

     Order Information:

    No. model Product Name
    1 BOB-24-SQ(11.7deg) 24 pole 11.7 degree BOB ferrule polishing fixture
    2 BOB-24-ZMP6SP(11.7deg) 24-pole 11.7-degree ferrule polishing fixture
    3 D3.00-24-SQ(11.7deg) 24-pole 11.7 degree 3.0mm ferrule polishing fixture
    4 D3.00-24-ZMP6SP(11.7deg) 24-pole 11.7-degree 3.0mm ferrule polishing fixture