Plastic Fiber Polishing Solution

Plastic Fiber Polishing Solution

ⅠProgram Description:

HFBR plastic fiber optic connectors are often used in high-voltage electrical control equipment and data communication control links that require high immunity to electromagnetic interference, so the requirements for the lapping of connector end faces are quite stringent. After numerous grinding and polishing processes, NEOFIBO has finally proven a mature, reliable and efficient polishing solution for HFBR plastic fiber optic connectors. For different types of plastic optical fibers, we can also provide a polishing solution that matches the type of application to achieve a higher quality ground end-face.

Ⅱ HFBR Patch cord production line

Cutting Cable → Stripping Fiber → Injecting Epoxy → Inserting Fiber → Solidifying → Assembling Crimping → Paneling → Polishing → End-face Inspection → Insertion Loss Inspection → Marking/Packaging

HFBR patch cord applications: high-voltage electrical control equipment and data communication in the control link

 HFBR Connector Type

Plastic fiber termination (Versatile Link) connectors are available in four types: simplex, simplex-locked, duplex, and duplex-locked. All connectors are bayoneted when mated to common link components. Simplex connectors are color coded for easy identification of transmitter and receiver connections. Duplex connectors are keyed for proper orientation when inserted. If the POF cables/connectors will be used in extreme operating temperatures or will be subjected to frequent and wide temperature cycling, the cable/connector connections can be enhanced with RTV adhesives (see Plastic Connections instructions for details). The connectors are made of flame retardant material.

HFBR Connector Selection Table:

HFBR-4501 HFBR-4511 HFBR-4503 HFBR-4513
HFBR-4506 HFBR-4516 HFBR-4505 HFBR-4515
HFBR-4531 HFBR-4532 HFBR-4533 HFBR-4526


Ⅳ Configuration List:

No. Product Name Model QTY
1 Intelligent four-corner pressurized grinding machine NEOPL-2000D 1set
2 Plastic Optical Fiber Grinding Fixture HFBR-24-SQ 1pcs
3 Fiber Optic Endface Inspector FK4-421P/FK4-050P 1set
4 Fiber Optic Cleaner US-500 1set
5 Fiber Optic Grinding Glass Pad PG5X-500-00 4pcs
6 Fiber Optic Grinding Pad PG5X-500-75 1pcs
7 Fiber Optic Grinding Sandpaper NF15-127 100pcs
8 Fiber Optic Grinding Sandpaper NF09-127 100pcs
9 Fiber Optic Grinding Sandpaper NF03-127 100pcs
10 Fiber Optic Grinding Sandpaper NF01-127 100pcs
11 Fiber Optic Polishing Pad ZNP-127 10pcs
12 Fiber Optic Wiping Paper CW4*4 1200pcs/Bag

Note: Some equipment can be adjusted according to customer needs