Neofibo Fiber Optic Patch Cord Polishing Machine

Shenzhen Neofibo Technology Limited is founded in 2008, locates Shenzhen China.

Neofibo has dedicated to become the professional supplier for fiber optic polishing solutions and aims to make our customers’ fiber connectivity more reliable.During last 14 years, we have been comprised of a group of experienced fiber optic professionals in areas of connector polishing and assembling, outside plant installation, transmission system, datacom, CATV and testing.

Neofibo could provide products and service for you, whether you are fiber optic scientist working in multi-gigabit, DWDM, EDFA applications, maintenance engineer for optical connecting system, an outside plant contractor providing splicing and testing, a datacom manager who works in multimode-to-single mode conversion or you are an optical fiber component manufacturer who needs lots of high quality pigtails, consumables and tools, you can count on us to offer you the verified solution.Neofibo is focusing on the field of fiber optic polishing solutions.

We specialize in manufacturing fiber optic polishing machine, design various optical fiber connectors polishing fixtures, provide completed polishing process and materials for all kinds of fiber optic connectors.Neofibo could provide the whole sets of production equipments for fiber optic patch cord, such as fiber optic polishing, end face inspection microscope, functional inspection and detection, raw materials as fiber optic cables and fiber connectors, processing tools and cleaning consumables.

Neofibo is a professional fiber polishing machine manufacturer. Neofibo can provide not only products, but also technical services and R & D support.Neofibo should be your partner forever.

We have many type of fiber optic polishing machine. Such as FPM-5000 \ FPM-380 \ NEOPL-2000P \ NPL-2000D \ NEOPL-1800 \ NEOPL-2000A \ NEOPL-1200A \  NEOPL-1200D \ NEOPL-1200P \ NEOPL-70D2 and so on. We can recommend you the most suitable fiber optic polishing machine for you.