How do we choose the Neofibo fiber optic polishing machine?

Neofibo’s patch cord polishing machine

Patch cord polishing machines or Grinding Machine play an important role in fiber optic Patch Cord and Pigtail Production Line. It is also called fiber polisher. They are specially used in the fiber industry for polishing the end face of fiber optic Connectors Ferrule. The demand for optical cable assemblies, patchcords, jumpers and pigtails has been growing exponentially. To be competitive, manufacturers require polishing systems that provide high-speed throughput, low consumable costs and easy operation. In our fiber optic polishing catalogs, the Polishing Machine Is Versatile And Be Efficient And Fast Produced All Kinds Of Standard Fiber Optic Connectors Type With Dedicated.

Neofibo has a wide range of fiber optic polishing machines to polish bare fibers, bundles, single core patch cords, MPO patch cords, etc. We can also provide you with a range of polishing solutions if you need them. All patch cord polishing have CE certification.With the features of simple operation, high accuracy, high flexibility, and good consistency, Neofibo’s polishing machine is widely used in fiber optic patch cord production line.

FPM-5000 : A type of programmable polishing machine, which is designed for polishing MPO and MTP connectors.

FPM-380 : Used in FA and glass capillaries, optical glass wafers, quartz wafers, silicon wafers, light guide plates and other materials end face polishing.

NEOPL-2000P :  Applicable to bare fiber \ connector \ FA precision optical device polishing .

NEOPL-2000A : Applicable to the end face polishing of UPC & APC of various connectors.

NEOPL-70D2 : Suitable for SC, FC, ST, LC connector and MPO ferrule.

NEOPL-1200A : Applicable to various connector end face polishing.

NEOPL-1800 : Designed specifically for bare fiber polishing, different diameter fibers are equipped with different ferrule adapters.

You will find our fiber optic polishing machines and other fiber polishing machine kits including a polishing jig for all types of fiber connectors polishing pad and Fiber optic polishing film. Our high-quality fiber optic polishing products help to ensure that there will be no defects in your fiber end faces that could degrade the transfer of light. Buy our fiber optic polishers on our worldwide online store with confidence. Special circumstances can be customized according to user’s request special connector fixture.

These equipments can be used not only the production of ceramic-core connector, the same can be used for energy-coupled fiber-optic connector, dark fiber and the optical fiber connectors made of glass or plastic and other tiny elements as well and production.

Different machines require different polishing jigs and different polishing solutions.