Endoscopy/Transmission Beam Polishing Solution

Endoscopy/Transmission Beam Polishing Solution

Widely used in medical endoscopes/transmitter beams manufacturing field, it is suitable for grinding design of metal casing transmitter beams and endoscopes end face, precisely controlling the amount of grinding cut and grinding pressure. Equipped with special multi-objective end inspection instrument, it is convenient to check the overall appearance and local detail defects. Dozens of grinding processes to meet the requirements of different levels of grinding, unique grinding formula to ensure that the grinding end face without damage or zero defects.

Medical Endoscopy/Transmission Beam Application












Common Transmitter Beam End Structures












Common medical endoscope endface configurations















Endoscopic end-face view










Transmitter Beam End Face Inspection Diagram













Advantages of design program
1. Personalized customization: according to the workpiece samples and drawings provided by the customer to collect, to ensure that the grinding program and the customer’s needs are perfectly matched.

2. Quick response: complete the structural design within 2 days, complete the fixture processing and assembly in 7-10 days, and complete the customer sample grinding test in 1-3 days to realize quick delivery.

3. Precise positioning: precise positioning of the grinding angle to ensure the consistency and stability of the grinding effect.
4. Non-destructive clamping: the specially designed fixture ensures non-destructive clamping of the cylindrical surface of the endoscope during the grinding process, extending the service life of the workpiece.


The main characteristics of the program:
1. Suitable for metal casing transmission beam, endoscope end face grinding;
2. Outer diameter of steel tubes 10.3 mm and approximate dimensions;
3. Designed with 4-8 workpiece clamping positions;
4. Precise control of grinding and cutting amount 0.01mm;
5. Unique grinding process to ensure the quality of grinding;
6. Configuration of special multi-objective end checker, convenient to view the overall appearance and local details of defects.

Polishing Solution Equipment Configuration

No. Name and Description Model Qty Unit note
1 Intelligent four-corner pressurized grinding machine NPL-2000D 1 set
2 Z-axis adjustable grinding jig (4 positions) BFJIG-4P-SQ (30deg) 1 pcs Customized according to customer’s drawing
3 10.3mm Directional Tooling BFJIG-DX10.3mm-3 1 pcs Customized according to customer’s drawing
5 Glass pads PG5X-500-00 4 pcs
6 Polishing Films 30um 100 pcs
7 Polishing Films 9um 100 pcs
8 Polishing Films 5um 100 pcs
9 Polishing Films 3um 100 pcs
10 Polishing Films 1um 100 pcs
11 Polishing Films 0.02um 200 pcs
12 Increase Viscosity Film ZNP-127 10 pcs
13 Pasting Roller F0R-6 1 pcs
14 Video Magnifier VIS-100X 1 set
15 Multi-magnification adjustable end checker FK3-421P 1 set
16 End Tester Interface JK-FK3-XXmm 1 pcs