common mistakes to avoid when using fiber optic crimping machines

Fiber optic crimping machines are an essential tool for professionals working in the telecommunications industry. it is used to join different fiber optic cables, and it comes in handy during installations and repairs. however, as easy as it might seem to use a fiber optic crimping machine, there are common mistakes that even the most experienced technicians can make.
Here are some of them:
1. incorrect calibration
Not calibrating your fiber optic crimping machine before use can lead to poor connectivity and inaccuracy in the alignment of the fiber cables. to avoid such errors, always ensure that the crimping machine is appropriately calibrated before use.
2. poor handling
Fiber optic cables are delicate and require handling with care. mishandling the cables can lead to breakage, which may cause network failures. always handle the cables gently and ensure you have the proper protective tools such as gloves, pliers, and stripping tools.
3. over-crimping
Over-crimping can cause the cable to have excess stress and pressure, resulting in damage or worse, breakage. it is best to use the right amount of pressure when crimping to avoid over-crimping.
4. poor stripping techniques
Stripping the cables is crucial when using a fiber optic crimping machine. stripping too much of the protective coating or stripping too little of it can lead to connectivity problems. always ensure you have the right tools when stripping to avoid damaging the cables.
5. poor inspections
Before using the crimping machine, always inspect the cable to ensure there are no cuts or damages. also, avoid using cables with bends as this can cause problems with the connectivity during the crimping process.
In conclusion, the above common mistakes can be avoided by keeping in mind the right techniques and procedures when handling and using fiber optic crimping machines. always ensure to get the right training and knowledge on the best procedures and guidelines to use in your operations.