common mistakes to avoid when crimp connectors with sm-620

Crucial components in the world of electronics, crimp connectors are used to attach wires together. a small mistake in crimping can lead to big issues such as signal loss, system failure or even fire hazards. in order to ensure precision and reliability, it is essential to avoid common mistakes when crimping connectors with sm-620. here are some mistakes to avoid:
1. choosing the wrong die size
Choosing the wrong die size will affect the crimp strength and reliability. if the die is too small or too big, it will not crimp the connector properly, leading to an unreliable connection. make sure to use the correct die size for sm-620.
2. over crimping or under crimping
Over crimping or under crimping can lead to a weak or faulty connection. over crimping causes the conductor to deform and results in the connector being too tight which may cause stress on the wire. on the other hand, under crimping will result in too loose a connection, which may cause the connection to fail. make sure to correctly crimp the connector as per the specifications.
3. incorrect positioning of the connector in the die
Incorrect positioning of the connector in the die can lead to asymmetrical crimping of the connector, which will compromise the reliability and durability of the connection. it is important to ensure that the connector is properly positioned in the die before crimping.
4. not stripping the wire to the correct length
When stripping the wire, the length should be as per the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise, it can lead to improper crimping as well as an unreliable connection. make sure to strip the wire to the correct length that is specified by the manufacturer.
5. using a substandard connector
Using a substandard connector will result in lower reliability of the connection, which is not suitable for high-quality applications that require precise, safe and reliable connections. always use high-quality sm-620 connectors for precision crimping.
In conclusion, precision crimping of connectors is a critical step, that cannot be compromised as it will result in an unreliable connection which will have adverse consequences. avoid the above common mistakes, use the correct tools and adhere to the specifications, and ensure reliable connections for your applications with sm-620.