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    SC APC Connector-Green single mode simplex 2.0mm connector


    SC APC Connector
    Wide Application
    UL-rated plastic housing;
    Boots in a variety of colors;
    Telcordia style boots;
    Free-floating ceramic ferrule

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    The sc apc connector (green) is a single mode simplex 2.0mm connector used in fiber optic networks. it is known for its high precision, low insertion loss, and excellent repeatability. the green color of the connector denotes that it is an apc (angled physical contact) connector, which provides better performance than upc (ultra physical contact) connectors for high-speed and long-haul transmissions. the sc apc connector is widely used in fttx, telecommunication, data center, and catv applications. if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective sc apc connector, offers a wide range of options to choose from. we provide high-quality fiber optic products with fast shipping and unbeatable prices.