Neoholder Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15)


    Neoholder Fiber Optic Polishing Fixture MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15)

    Model: MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15)

    Brand: Neofibo



    MPO-UPC-12(OFL-15) MPO UPC ferrule polishing fixture is suitable for OFL-15 Seikoh Giken

    center pressure polishing machine, it can polishing 12 MPO UPC ferrules one cycle, this

    product is a white compact version, with customizable the card slot, the diameter of the

    round cable is 3mm.


     Specially used for MPO UPC standard ferrule polishing;

     12 MPO ferrules can be polished at one time;

     With custom card slot and white pressure block;

     3D test results conform to IEC standards;


    Suitable for OFL-15 Seikoh Giken polishing machine


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